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Thai food is by far my favorite category when it comes to food. After going to Thailand its been so hard finding a good Thai restaurant in Toronto until now... Arroy Thai has definitely delivered some of the best Thai food I've ever tasted and it's comparable to Thailand itself. I tried many of their dishes and the sauces are to die for! My favorite item on the menu is the crab rangoon! Just wanted to share a great place for everyone to enjoy! ❤

Betty V - Google Reviews

This new Thai Restaurant is absolutely amazing! Very clean and cute little restaurant, the Thai decorations are amazing and the cutest table set ups! The service is absolutely wonderful, so polite and caring. Best service and Thai food I've eaten! If you're a fan of some good Thai food I very highly suggest you check this place out!

Paris Osborne from Google Review

Authentic Thai food

Been there twice and had two excellent meals. Red curry is my go to meal in Thai restaurants all over the world. Arroy Thai’s version was close to the best I have had with beef and lots of veggies. Today I had a lunch special of spicy beef which came with great pumpkin soup and a nice spring roll. The spicy beef was very good bet not quite as good as the curry.

loon1980 from tripadvisor

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Reason for 1 star rating on yelp

I made an account with yelp not knowing that if i didn't want to pay for advertising on their website which cost 15 dollars a day with pretty much a contract that they would hide all my good reviews and leave only the bad review that made me have 1 star rating. So you guys tell me would you agree to their pre authorized payments of about $450 a month just so they will start unfiltering the good reviews which the ratings will go up?. . Is 4 or 5 stars on yelp really worth 15 dollars a day, 450 a month?